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MonFest 2022 Fotografia - Mariateresa Cerretelli (English Version)

Monfest Fotografia 2022Le forme del Tempo, da Francesco Negri al contemporaneoShapes of Time, from Francesco Negri to contemporary photography

Photography is a universal language, able to show abilities and narrations through the extraordinary stage of a Festival.
Starting from this year, Casale Monferrato joins this virtuous network by showcasing MonFest Fotografia 2022 in its historic squares and in the city's most suggestive locations, the first edition of a Biennale of Photography that, from the beginning, emphasises as one of its more distinctive features, the comparison between different forms of art. The caption : Le Forme del Tempo: da Francesco Negri al contemporaneo (Shapes of Time, from Francesco Negri to contemporary photography) highlights once again the identity of this exhibition, establishing a meeting place for memories in order to get to our current and present time where the shapes that Time takes in the artists’ creativity translate to a wide variety of different interpretations of architectures and landscapes.
The exhibition begins from the centre of the city, but then it slowly extends into this beautiful country: ancient treasures, masterpieces of sacred art and poetic visions, surreal and fairytale-like. This journey continues in the Time of people’s history or through adventure worlds where innovation produces pictures, videos installations but also photography games. It could not be missing a stop-over for the great beauty of the territory’s nature, from the Po river to the Monferrato hills.
The itinerary continues by pushing visitors in the virtual sphere where technology tears down architectural barriers and is able to bring us in real time in the homes of dancers around the world. The photography of women in this exhibit, presented by female authors of great artistic capabilities, adds observations on the discovery of oneself and the value of many stories of women.
The power of photography overflows at the MonFest Festival, thanks to an extraordinary combination of internationally-recognized artists, groups and clubs of amateurs and enthusiasts, emerging young artists, teachers, experts, budding students and citizens, joining a chorus of voices and faces propelled in the present and future of this limitless art form.

Mariateresa Cerretelli
MonFest Fotografia Artistic Director


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