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To visit the city

aerial photograph: The castle

Casale Monferrato is a city full of art, history, traditions and culture, as demonstrated by the noble buildings, the historical palaces, the monuments, the churches and the well-known castles, which are around the hills of the area of Monferrato.

The old town centre is especially the best proof of the illustrious historical past of Casale Monferrato, with the castle and the civic tower, that was built in the XI century. There is also the cathedral, which is one of the biggest examples of Romanesque  and Gothic architecture of Piedmont; the palaces in Mameli street, e.g. Palazzo Treville, that is a refined example of Baroque; the synagogue in the characteristic ghetto.

Monferrato is made up by a flat area, where there are chiefly many plantations of rice, and by wonderful hills, in which is produced prestigious and renowned wine. So we can find wine-growing companies and farm holiday and original initiatives.

Casale is an industrial area of historical tradition, which went down in history, especially for the cement industry during the industrial revolution in Italy.

The advancement of cultural, leisure and social activities is promoted by important institutions, e.g. the well-equipped library, the theatre, the museum and a plaster casts gallery, a well-known historical archive and modern sport structures. 


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